Disc brakes use calipers to squeeze pairs of pads against a disc

Disc brakes use calipers to squeeze pairs of pads against a disc, which creates friction and retards the rotation of the vehicle&China Brake Disc Manufacturers39;s axle. Hydraulic disc brakes are common brakes used in most motor vehicles. Since the disc is more readily cooled, disc brakes offer better stopping performance than drum brakes. Drum brakes usually have at least one leading shoe that gives a servo-effect, while a disc brake has no self-servo effect. # The braking force of a disk brake is always proportional to the pressure placed on the pad by the braking system. This helps drivers avoid impending lockup. The disc connected to the wheel and/or axle is usually made from cast iron, but many come in carbon or ceramic matrix composite materials. The friction material, generally the brake pads, are mounted on caliper, which is forced hydraulically, mechanically, pneumatically or electromagnetically against both sides of the disc to retard the wheel. The friction causes to slow down or stop the wheel.

A complete disc brake kit includes everything you’ll need to improve the braking performance of your vehicle. The components that come with a disc brake kit are given below:

Brake Disc

Also called a rotor, the disc is an essential component of the kit that uses caliper to squeeze a pair of pads against the disc. Once the pads are squeezed, friction is created to slow down or stop the vehicle. Cast iron is usually used to make discs. However, reinforced carbon and ceramic matrix composites are also used to make discs.

Brake Pads or Shoes

Brake pads, also known as friction liners or shoes, are heated when they come in contact with the rotor. As a result, a small amount of friction is transferred to the disc. Some vehicles have both front and rear brake pads, while there are others that have either front or rear pads.

The Brake Caliper

A car may have two or four calipers, depending on whether it has rotors on all the four wheels or just on two. The calipers absorb a lot of heat that is produced from the braking system. If the heat is not absorbed, it can weaken the seals inside the calipers over the period of time.

Brake Lines

Brake lines are tubes used to carry brake fluid among different components of the braking systems.

When buying a Camaro front disc brake kit, make sure the kit has all the above mentioned components.

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